Time-Motion/Work Study

A useful tool in the evaluation of personal noise exposure is a "time-motion study". A time-motion study involves logging significant tasks and equipment used and their length of use during the course of a noise dosimetry study. This will allow for the correlation of high periods of noise exposure to the tasks or process that produce the most noise exposure. One can then prioritize equipment and/or tasks for incorporation of engineering or administrative controls.

The time-motion study complements the noise dosimetry field data form (available at the noise dosimetry module) and printable time history data printed from the noise dosimeters. When reviewing printable time histories from the noise dosimeters, it is helpful to know what tasks were being completed during peak noise periods within the work shift.


The following form may be used to document field notes either from the industrial hygienist/safety professional or the work place supervisor and employee. Download the Time-Motion Study Data Form.