Chemical Exposures

There are some specific chemical hazards common to mining. Some hazards are present based upon the commodity mined and whether the operations are conducted on the surface or underground.

This section provides specific information on many common mining-related contaminants as well as summary information on the toxicology, general sampling methodology, and regulatory nuances for industrial hygienist and safety professional use in the field.

The following contaminants were selected based upon the relative wide-spread prevalence in the mining industry whether it is surface or underground, metal/non-metal or coal.

In recent years, MSHA has placed an emphasis on mine operators demonstrating the evaluation of all contaminants at the mine operator-level. You may find this section especially helpful in defining and provding basic information on 10 selected high priority contaminants.

10 High Priority Contaminant Fact Sheets

Download the fact sheets (pdf) for each contaminant.