Michelle Lutz

Custos Fratris, L3C

Mrs. Lutz is Co-founder and managing partner of Custos Fratris, L3C. She is a talent optimizer that delivers evidence-based learning solutions in safety culture and safety performance for high risk industries, including transportation, mining, oil & gas, and the military. She has long collaborated with the University of Arizona on NIOSH-funded projects to reduce the injuries and fatalities in the mining industry, by providing a variety of high quality training opportunities for miners in the Western US. As the Independent Evaluator, Mrs. Lutz leads all aspects of the project evaluation including the design and administration of the evaluation instruments, statistical analysis, and reporting the outcomes.

In addition to her work with The University of Arizona, Mrs. Lutz served as a faculty member at Western Governors University – the only fully-accredited, online, competency-based university. At WGU, she worked with a large group of adult learners identified as being “at-risk” for dropping out. She guides them throughout their respective programs of study, helping them to understand and overcome their challenges so they can be successful in a distance learning environment.

Mrs. Lutz is also actively involved in researching issues in adult learning, workforce development, and distance education. Additionally, she designs and develops a variety of adult distance learning and face-to-face programs for businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations.