Laurie Wilson

Senior Research Specialist
Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources
Laurie Wilson

1656 E. Mabel Street
Room 113
Tucson AZ 85719

Laurie is relatively new to the mining industry and has worked with Freeport-McMoRan for two years as an Instructional Designer and Safety Professional.  She holds a B.S. in Education and M.A. in Instructional Technology.  Her focus for the past two years has solely been dedicated to the development of quality safety training materials.  During this time she traveled to all of the company’s Arizona based sites to meet and speak with the miners who enter into confined spaces, operate cranes, work at heights, and basically are performing these and many more critical tasks as a part of their everyday jobs.

The value she gained from the exposure to realistic scenarios that miners are faced with, and her knowledge of adult education continues to be the foundational inspiration for all of her projects going forward.

Currently at the University of Arizona, Laurie’s focus is continued with research around adult education and active learning to promote the transfer of knowledge to the workplace.  The approach she takes is, done correctly, training is fun even when essential.