Summary of Training Products

Summary visualization of training materials.
Major Training Materials Developed by Our Program
Name Type Overview
Active Learning Handbook for Trainers Train-the-trainer handbook A 124-page resource designed to improve learners' motivation, group dynamics, and safety knowledge transfer in mining environments. It emphasizes problem-based learning and includes a variety of active learning techniques such as role-play, serious games, and puzzles.
Coming Home Alive App-based game An upcoming app where players participate in cooperative and competitive gameplay to learn about a variety of annual refresher topics, including hazards recognition, working around moving equipment, and blasting safety. Coming Soon.
Escape! Tabletop + Mobile game A cooperative card game where 1-5 players must escape an underground mine before time runs out. Players will learn to make decisions under pressure, identify useful resources, and recognize changing conditions.
Harry's Hard Choices Computer-based game A computer-based synthetic learning environment for mine emergency response. Users role-play as a section foreman, leading a team of miners to escape and underground mine fire. Player face hard choices, with consequences that impact survival. Extends a paper scenario of the same name by NIOSH.
Harry's Fatalgram Simulator Computer-based game A computer-based synthetic learning environment that teaches MSHA fatality reports and best practices. Features mini-games that allow users to observe the circumstances of fatal incidents and then dive into those stories to change outcomes.
Harry's Hazardous Day Computer-based game A multi-user synthetic learning environment that teaches learner situational awareness, hazards recognition and mitigation, and safe operating procedures. The game places users in a production scenario where they must respond to a dynamic chances in the environment. Incorporates a virtual workplace examination tool extending the EXAMiner app by NIOSH.
Incident Command, Escape, and Rescue Guide Training handbook This guide is focused on mine emergency preparedness and response systems using best practices from the Incident Command System (ICS). It aims to improve self-escape capabilities and highlights key social and behavioral responses to high-stress situations.
Leading Indicators of Injuries Data product (Risk analysis) A collection of reporting terms that are frequently associated with key types of injury. Developed using machine learning algorithms with operator safety interaction reports, these leading indicators provide insights into the causes of injuries and may be used to revise controls hierarchies and risk mitigation plans.
Mining Strong Tabletop + Mobile game A cooperative card game that explores topics in occupational health such as exposures, illness, and preventative action plans. Two versions are offered: Industrial Hygiene and NIOSH Total Worker Health.
MSHA Football Hybrid: Card game + App A team-based synthesis activity that uses the rules of real football to test players' knowledge of mining health and safety topics and best practices. The length of this activity may be varied from 10-30 minutes to fit into an annual refresher training plan.
New Miner & Annual Refresher Guides Train-the-trainer + Training handbook A comprehensive program guide (466 pages) covering all necessary topics for MSHA 30 CFR Part 48, with a focus on active-learning techniques. The content is modular and arranged according to 30 CFR Part 48 requirements, providing flexibility for trainers to choose materials based on their specific needs.
Part 46 Training Toolbox in Spanish Training handbook A comprehensive Spanish translation of the NIOSH Toolbox Training for Construction Aggregate Miners workbook, consisting of 52 modules designed to stimulate safety discussions among employees in 10-15 minute sessions.
Sharing Critical Controls Data product (Risk analysis) A spreadsheet of critical controls focused on material unwanted events in surface (open pit) mines. Includes indications and mitigation strategies which are useful for verify engineering controls and training site personnel.
Small Mine Activities Report Tool (SMART) Mobile app A mobile app which helps small and mid-sized operators improve situational awareness on their worksites. The app helps operators with record keeping, tracking, and reporting around key compliance issues, such as quarterly reports of hours worked, training records, repairs, and maintenance.
Tutorial Video Series YouTube videos A series of train-the-trainer videos covering topics in health and safety, good instructional practices, and using the Center's training products. Coming Soon.
Very Good Day Tabletop + Mobile game A competitive card game that helps learners apply the hierarchy of controls and develop effective mitigation strategies for hazards on the worksite. The game facilitates discussion and critical thinking about hazards.